Alcoholic beverages can contribute to a convivial moment or a complete meal experience. However, alcohol consumed incorrectly can create problems, both for individuals, relatives, and society at large. We therefore advocate moderate and responsible drinking.

We promote controlled sales,
moderate consumption and
healthy attitudes to alcohol

Mikael Sundström. Sustainbility Director, Viva Wine Group


Alcohol Marketing Scrutineer (AGM)

As part of our trade association SVL, we have taken the initiative for an Industry Code of Ethics and the appointment of an Alcohol Marketing Scrutineer (AGM). AGM is the Swedish alcohol industry’s self-regulatory body of marketing and communication, intervening against companies violating laws and ethical guidelines. Anyone can report alcohol advertising to AGM for review.

 people who drink responsibly
Drink Wise, infographic

INFORMATION & DIALOGUE is a platform for information and reflection on healthy attitudes to alcohol and responsible drinking. Through this initiative, we and other companies in the industry seek to disseminate information, create dialogue, and advocate responsible drinking and moderation.


Talk About Alcohol

We support Talk about Alcohol, an initiative aiming to teach young people to better withstand social pressure, boost their self-esteem and reduce underage drinking. The initiative was launched in 2006 and has been evaluated by Karolinska Institutet, scientifically proving its positive effect: Teenagers who have participated in the program drink less riskily than teenagers who have not undergone the program.

Talk about alcohol, infographic


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