We are constantly working for more sustainable transport. We know that transport, warehousing, and packaging have a major environmental impact and together with our partners we develop climate-smart solutions and innovative projects to reduce our impact.

Together with our partners we have
created highlyefficient logistics.

Martina Nordström. Logistics Director, Viva Wine Group



Climate neutral transports

We optimize logistics flows and prioritize sustainable transport by rail and boat. Through co-distribution, rail transports and innovative bottling and warehousing solutions we have radically reduced our emissions. The remaining impact on the climate we offset with by investments in Solvatten. 

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Climate-smart packaging

Packaging can have a significant climate impact depending on weight, manufacturing process and recycling rate. In collaboration with suppliers and customers, we invest in climate-smart packaging, primarily lightweight glass, PET, Tetra and Bag-in-Box. Already today, we offer most of our products in climate-smart packaging. Our glass bottles are recycled by SGÅ. On average, 93% of all glass bottles become new glass bottles and jars.


The Beverage Industry Climate Initiative

Leading companies of the Swedish beverage industry have joined forces to reduce the climate impact and promote sustainable transports and packaging. Viva Wine Group and its Swedish subsidiaries have been involved since the start, developing the framework, a shared calculation tool and common targets. The climate performance of the participating companies is monitored annually and summarized in a report.

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Carbon offsetting

We carbon offset emissions to reduce climate impact globally and generate societal benefits locally. Most of our investments are made in Solvatten, an innovative water treatment solution that contributes to improved health, increased gender equality and reduced climate impact. We always offset more than our actual emissions. Please read more in our sustainability report.


Sustainability report


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